How do I assign a Proctor?

How do I assign a Proctor?

  1. Proctors must be registered as users in the system and assigned the proctor role.  This cannot be done until the online assessment materials have been purchased. 
  2. When materials are purchased, the Executive user purchasing the materials will receive an email with instructions for registering a proctor and their students.  This email should be forwarded to the proctor who will be assigned for each class assessment. 
  3. Proctors will visit to register by completing the requested information 
    1. Email address
    2. First name
    3. Last name
    4. Coupon code from the email received by the Executive when the assessments were purchased
    5. Answer to the basic math problem
  4. Only one proctor can be registered per assessment class.  If additional proctors are needed, please contact support at  
  5. Before giving the assessment, ensure that the proctor has a copy of the email containing the proctor and the unique five-digit class code.  Students cannot be registered to take the assessment without this information.

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