How do I get started with NCEA IFG?

How do I get started with NCEA IFG?

User Workflow
Below is the basic flow for purchasing online assessment materials, registering proctors and students, completing the assessment, and viewing reports.  

The person who starts the process for the organization will be designated as the Executive user.  This is the only user who can purchase assessment materials for the organization.  
  1. It is recommended that only one user be designated as the purchasing agent for the organization to avoid confusion in ordering and billing.
  2. Call client support if the executive user information needs to be edited.  
The Executive registers for an account and receives a confirmation/welcome email.  Note that it may take up to 5 minutes for this email to receive this email.  
  1. Please check the email spam folder if the confirmation/welcome email is not received after 5 mins. 
  2. Contact support if this email is not received after waiting at least 5 minutes.  
Once the Executive logs into the system for the first time, the user must associate with an organization, select a job title, enter basic system information, and designate the user who may review reports for completed assessments (even if it is the same person).  The user who may review reports is designated with the Manager role. 
The Executive user can purchase assessment materials at any time.  Once a purchase is made, two emails will be sent from the system.  
  1. The first is the email receipt.  Please note that on a credit card statement this order will show that it is from CD2 Learning LLC, the parent company of CFT.  
  2. The second contains the class code (different for each assessment class ordered) instructions for establishing a Proctor/Instructor to oversee student progress during the assessment as well as the instructions for getting the student users registered to take an assessment. 
To register a Proctor, follow as found in the top half of the Student registration email and to access the Proctor Registration page.  
Proctors can help register the student users with the class code found in the bottom part of the email that the Executive received.  
Students will complete the two-part assessment with proctor monitoring progress and helping students re-enter the test if they are inadvertently logged out.
Once all students have completed the assessment including any absent students who may take the assessment on a different date, the proctor can close the assessment for grading.
Reports are generated automatically for the closed assessment and available for Managers to view.  
IMPORTANT: This email should be provided to the proctor for each assessment class to ensure they have the proctor coupon code and the class code that the students will use when they register.  

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